Why Choose RU Air Freight?

We believe that nothing is impossible; that’s why we help you touch the globe. Our outshining international logistics company offers exclusive supply chain and logistics services backed by the right technology so that you grow exponentially.

We have proved ourselves as the logistic market leaders, and the following things set us apart:

  • We offer international logistics services based on your requirements.
  • We invest in the latest technology, so you don’t worry about your consignments.
  • We help you to cater to all possible new and emerging markets.
  • Our global network comprises 500+ locations in 100+ countries.
  • We believe in digitalization.
  • We offer logistic solutions for critical products like chemicals, fuels, and defense items.

Services We Offer

We are one-stop solutions for all your logistics and transportation needs, and our service basket includes:
Air Freight


Choose our premier air carriers and get your products delivered in the lowest transit time. Just ask for the quote and book your consignment now!

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Ocean Freight

Book your consignments with our exclusive ocean freight company with our most trusted and fast-paced ocean freight forwarders and agents and get your products quickly delivered.

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Customs Clearance

Custom Clearance

Be it seed export transportation, apparel import, or any hazardous goods delivery, you needn’t worry about customs clearance because we know resolutions to all custom formalities.

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Trade Agent

Trade Agent

Choose our expert trade agents for all your next international import and export transportation and face no complexities related to any international shipping procedure.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to offer a wide range of logistics services, expand our global reach, and help our clients to discover the untapped global markets. We visualize becoming an international freight transportation company and delivering all kinds of goods to every state of every nation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer extremely safe and secure logistic services, satisfy our clients, and prepare them for their next consignment shipment. By doing this, we aim to become the best international logistics company offering unmatched transportation services.

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