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5 Tips for Getting Cheaper Freight Rates on Freight Transportation

Transporting goods is a crucial function for many organizations. Most logistics providers invest a significant percentage of their budgets toward freight transportation. However, you shouldn’t be too concerned.

If you’re frustrated by how much you’re spending on freight right now, it’s time to formulate a plan to keep costs down while maintaining high standards of service.

We present some novel strategies for decreasing the costly nature of cargo transport.

How to Reduce Freight Transportation Costs?

Gain The Support Of Transportation Companies To Get Special Shipping Prices

The benefits of using a reliable freight shipping company or freight forwarder are well known by businesses that deal with the transportation of cargo and products. In addition, when you stick with the same freight forwarder for all of your shipments, that company learns the patterns of your shipments.

This makes it easier for carriers to advertise the backhauls they need, which ultimately improves their productivity. This means that your freight costs will go down.

If you often work with a freight forwarding company, it’s a good idea to keep them in a different pool when putting out requests for proposals. Having a dedicated customer base can also inspire new ways to cut costs while maintaining or improving your freight rates and service quality.

Proper Packaging Can Reduce The Amount Of Pallet Space Needed

Careful packaging, such as airbags, straps, blocks, and bracing, is necessary for many freight-transported products to avoid damage. As a result, corporations frequently overpackage fragile goods.

The increased freight costs are a direct result of this problem, as it necessitates the use of larger pallets, which cost money.

If you work with a reputable freight forwarder, such as RU Air Freight, they will advise you on the best way to pack your goods for transport in order to minimise dunnage and maximise pallet space. Packages that are well-protected and stacked efficiently on pallets can reduce shipping costs significantly.

Lower Your Freight Costs By Shipping In Bulk

What makes the most sense, both economically and logically? Transporting a significant load once a week? Or mailing the same number of items in two payments every three days. It has to be the initial one.

In order to save on freight and transportation costs, it is best to send more goods less regularly. To the tune of fifty percent, your freight costs will be reduced. However, many stores avoid taking orders in bulk. Retailers might be enticed with cost-sharing and inventory discounts.

Interact With Local Freight Agents

Freight forwarders located in close proximity to your ship-to ports may be able to provide you with more competitive prices because they will likely be backhauling your goods. By reducing wasted fuel and increasing carrier efficiency, they can give you cheaper freight rates. If you need freight forwarders in China, contact RU Air Freight right away.

Allow For Overnight Pick-Ups And Shipping On Non-Busy Days

Freight costs tend to be cheaper on Mondays and Fridays because that’s when most carriers are actively seeking freight. Off-peak freight delivery is an excellent way to save money on non-consumer goods and can save businesses 10% more than freight transported on specific days.

Same goes for freight pickups, which can be done at night and result in a discount of up to 20%. When your shipment is picked up late at night, the freight transportation company can load it onto a backhaul. It helps cargo transportation companies optimize transportation, particularly for long hauls, and provides you with reduced freight prices.

Joining a consolidation program is another option for lowering freight and forwarding costs for small packages. Small businesses should outsource the whole transportation function because it takes time, money, and trouble to hire and keep a transportation staff.

RU Air Freight Provides Reliable Cargo Transportation

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