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First-time Importer’s Guide to International Cargo Transportation

Importing goods for the first time can be a daunting process. With a vast industry right in front of you, getting the picture of its process and working seems to be an impractical task. Here at RU Air Freight, an International Cargo Transportation service provider, help you importing and exporting goods.

There cannot be anything shoddier than being blindsided by additional costs and unexpected delays you haven’t thought of, especially if it is your first shipment. These unanticipated interrupts can immediately turn an enthusiastic optimist into a disheartened nay-sayer and may affect your first experience in the industry adversely.

This guide is especially meant for first-time importers to get started!

Look for reliable suppliers

Before booking your shipments, it is very important to research suppliers thoroughly to make sure that you truly know who you will be dealing with. Understand the difference between a manufacturer and a trading company.

Understand the transportation and logistics process

Mishandled logistics can lead to a delay in deliveries, and so knowing your freight and logistics provider really well is key. Here at RU Air Freight— a leading company offering international ocean freight services, we contentedly provide any information you may expect or like to know related to our logistics process. We strive our best to help our clients ship their goods internationally safely, securely and timely.

Choose the right mode of transport

Once you have settled on choosing the right supplier for your cargo, now decide the best mode of transport based on the type of cargo you are shipping— air, ocean, road or rail. Air freight is the fastest transportation option, but will cost you significantly more for the expedited service. But several factors make air freight worth the extra cost. Ocean freight is much cost-effective but takes longer, but has its own advantages. We can help you identify the right freight shipping option.

Local relationships are key

Having good local contacts and associations can help in importing your goods without any hindrance. You won’t be able to around if any issue arises, but having good connections located at every stage of your freight’s journey, you can be assured that there’s someone on site to assist at any point. RU Air Freight, an expert international freight transportation company is proud to have many established relationships with companies worldwide, so we have done half of the task for you!

Leverage the value of association

Your first import consignments can be vital to future success. As a first-time importer, the most crucial decision you will make is to choose the appropriate logistics partner. Keep in mind that anyone can offer a low price, but it takes years of experience to deliver a high level of service. RU Air Freight possesses several years of experience and expertise that ensures safe shipment delivery across the world.

Consider the additional costs

Though we will give you the most precise quote that we can for your cargos, it’s vital to remember that there can be several additional costs you could get charged through the journey. Duty tax, VAT costs, insurance costs are a few additional costs you need to consider.

Be prepared for customs!

Customs are the most common reasons for cargo delays. Before your freight even leaves from their source country, you should ensure that everything is perfect for customs clearance. RU Air Freight offers customs clearance services to ensure your goods reach its destination place safely and timely.

To Sum Up:

Being a first-time importer is surely exciting, but at the same time, it is nerve-wracking because of the complex and tedious formalities and the process involved. RU Air Freight is an industry-leading international cargo transportation service provider, helping our clients ship their goods safely, securely and timely across the world.