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Frequently Ask Questions About Customs Clearing Agents

Customs clearance is a vital process when importing/exporting goods internationally. Before items can be imported or exported internationally, customs clearance is required. If a consignment is cleared, the shipper needs to provide documentation confirming the payment of customs duties before the shipment can be forwarded. When customs clearing agents are employed for imports and exports, customs clearing becomes even smoother and quicker.

Every international freight shipment must meet the rules and laws of customs clearance of the respective destination country. Hiring a reliable Beijing Customs Clearance Company can assist importers with the smooth functioning of clearing goods from the customs clearance process.

Common Questions About Customs Clearance

Customs clearance processes can be quite challenging and confusing, irrespective of your level of expertise and skills. Here we have answered some of the most frequent questions about customs clearance.

FAQ #1- What is the Cost of Customs Clearance?

Every custom clearing agent will provide different services at different charges. Some businesses prefer to work with a freight forwarder who can also work as a customs broker; as a result, you’ll acquire a quote and agreement that outlines the custom aspects of the service.

Many customs brokers will charge a client a cost that varies depending on the products being transported, their value, and their source origin. A document of your quotation is usually kept to cover things like—

  • Shipping cost
  • Inspection fees by the agency of government
  • Customs clearance charge
  • Any applicable taxes or duties
  • Miscellaneous fees, etc.

It is very important to thoroughly check the fine print or any additional extras as it can significantly impact your final cost.

FAQ #2- How Long Does It Take for Custom Clearance?

In general, it takes less than 24 hours for customs clearance. However, there might be certain circumstances where it might take up to several days or even weeks for shipments to be inspected and pass the customs clearance process.

FAQ #3- When is Customs Clearance Required? Is it Essential?

Customs clearance is mandatory before your foreign shipment can be delivered to the customer. The process of shipping cargo through customs to allow them to enter the destination country is known as customs clearance.

Import duties and taxes are imposed by each country on commodities that pass its borders. This aids in the generation of revenue as well as the security of the economy, ecosystem, and citizenry. Every good contains a shipment description which includes a specific description of the package’s content, purchase price, quantity, manufacturer, weight, and country of origin. The customs declaration forms must be properly filled in during the customs clearance process to avoid any legal issues and delays in shipment delivery.

FAQ #4- How to Choose the Right Customs Clearing Agent?

Based on the freight forwarder, they may handle delivery logistics and offer customs and import brokerage services. As a result, you might be able to eradicate the need for multiple outsourcers. It’s extremely simple to find a customs agent online. Every agency or company cannot serve all entry points, thus it’s crucial to know whether they specialize in air freight.

Every service is designed for a specific delivery method, which includes information about importing and may result in an estimate. Before choosing an agent, compare each estimate you have and verify their background. It’s also a good idea to look at what other customers have to say.

Is Customs Clearance Right for You?

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