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How Does International Air Freight Forwarder Helps in Shipping?

Basically, the freight forwarding process is the movement of goods and shipments from two destinations executed by a professional, qualified international air freight forwarder. Every business you want to grow and expand its reach should consider merchandising on an international level. By shipping offered products and services internationally, a business gets the opportunity to develop its customer reach. Logistics for international trade is very complex, and that’s why you need to hire a specialized international air freight company to help you ship your goods internationally, and thus take your business to the next level.

Role of an International Air Freight Forwarder in the Shipping Process

An international air freight company is the middle person responsible for the simplification of the shipping of the goods. Companies offering international air transport services are very specialized and experienced in the shipping process. They are well-acquainted with the international trade, regulations and laws of different countries, clearing customs, and other important formalities and documentation work involved for successful delivering of goods across the border.

We at RU Air Freight work dedicatedly to ensure our client’s goods are properly shipped and delivered by the specified time frame. We look after everything from goods manifests to insurable claims and customs clearances and others.

Phases of the Freight Forwarding Process

Phase 1: Export Haulage

Export haulage is the process of transporting goods from a shipper’s location to the freight forwarders’ warehouse using a truck or train. The time involved in this phase depends on the geographical location, distance and type of goods. However, time can vary from few hours to a few weeks. In air freight forwarding, the price is quite on the higher side but assures quick and safe delivery.

Phase 2: Goods Checkpoint

After the export haulage phase, the cargo is inspected by the freight forwarders to ensure everything was transported without damages.

Phase 3: Export Customs Clearance

Before the shipping of cargos, it needs to undergo customs clearance from the origin country. Customs clearance agents are best for completing this process without any hindrance. RU Air Freight helps to clear customs by handling all the paperwork involved to complete the process.

Phase 4: Import Customs Clearance

Once the goods arrive at the destination country, authorities inspect the import customs documents. A reliable international air freight company is an expert in completing the import customs clearance process before the cargo even arrives.

Phase 5: Destination Arrival and Handling

This phase has several different processes after the arrival of cargo. Now, the freight forwarders will collect all the documents related to the cargo, such as carrier bills, papers, etc.

Once the cargo arrives at the destination, freight forwarder agency will transport and manage all goods to make sure no loss or damage took place during transport.

Phase 6: Import Haulage

Quite similar to the export haulage phase, this process ships the cargo from the warehouse to the final destination of the meant receiver.

International Air Transport Services Helps Businesses Expand Their Reach

A trustworthy, experienced freight forwarder charts out proper routes, and identifies the best transport mode such as air, ocean, road or rail for the customers. Based on the types of goods and cargo being shipped, the freight forwarder company can help in determining the best option for the success of businesses.

Ship Goods Safely with RU Air Freight

Shipping goods to global markets involves several tasks. At RU Air Freight, we help companies to provide them with the best possible options when it comes to freight shipping.

We are specialized in lowering the costs without compromising on the quality of the services. We help with the logistics of transporting goods across the border in the most cost-effective way. We are a professional air freight forwarder designed to cater to time-sensitive shipping requirements. With several years of experience and expertise, we can move air cargo globally.