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How International Air Transport Services Helps Businesses Thrive?

Starting business looks exciting, but when it comes to shipping internationally it turns out to be daunting. Shipping mistakes are quite often for businesses to make which leads to an unnecessary increase in their expenses. However, partnering with reliable international air transport services can help prevent shipping mistakes.

Some Common International Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake 1: Delay in the Processing Imports and Exports

Timing is everything when it comes to international shipping. Especially, if you are a first-time importer or exporter, it can be quite complex and you might finish up mistiming your imports and exports, which eventually leads to delays and annoyed customers.
However, this mistake can be easily avoided by following these steps:
  • Get shipping quotes in advance
  • Set up goods to go with your freight rate quotes
  • Research well beforehand to know the approximate time of importing and exporting from one country to the other
  • Stay connected with your chosen international air cargo shipping company

Mistake 2: Failing to Insure Goods

Long-distance, international shipping is a dicey game. Businesses that are into international trade should be prepared for the uncertainties that come along with it. Damaged cargo ships, stolen goods, piracy, accidents, natural disasters are some of the most common unexpected events that result in a delay with international deliveries, problem with your shipments, and overlooking or forgetting to insure your goods can lead to some substantial losses.
To make the most of your insured shipments, take the following steps:
  • Explore the best insurance options available
  • Understand the type of cargo you will import or export
  • Review what all your insurance policy covers, and what it doesn’t
  • Check the conditions that can void your insurance policy

Mistake 3: Going for the Cheapest Freight Rates

Everyone wants to save money wherever they can, but when it comes to cheap freight rates when shipping overseas, you should weigh up the type of “cheap” rates you look at. Some freight forwarding companies will offer extremely cheap rates, but their international shipping service puts a lot to be looked-for.
Follow these steps to avoid the “cheap” rates trap:
  • Check freight forwarding company’s reputation
  • Find how responsive and approachable their customer service is
  • Go through the genuine reviews by their clients
  • Open up for reliable recommendations
At RU Air Freight— the best service provider for China to Ekaterinburg Air Freight, we strive to deliver optimum services and solutions, and ensure your goods reach their destination safely, quickly and timely. Top-notch responsive customer service is what makes us apart from our competitors.

Mistake 4: Failing to Understand Laws and Regulations

Every country has its own rules, regulations and laws for overseas delivery. Having a proper understanding of these can help you avoid circumstances when your shipments are seized by the customs department of any country.
The following steps can help you avoid this situation:
  • Make sure the package meets the requirement to move across the destination country’s border
  • Ensure all the documentation are ready and completed
  • Familiarize yourself with the country’s customs requirements and trade laws
  • Hire a reliable international air cargo shipping company to avoid fines

Mistake 5: Improper Freight Packaging and Right Labels

Being a business, you do the best to keep your customers happy, but what if they receive damaged goods? If the products are not packaged correctly, even the smallest movement or accidental fall can damage your goods. Even, many times, huge unexpected costs and losses businesses suffer due to incorrect labelling which leads to delayed delivery and in some cases, can result in goods being returned.
Do this to avoid packaging mistakes:
  • Choose the right, reputable international air transport services
  • Use the right size and dimension of the box for packing your goods
  • Ensure to fill the box with adequate fillers to cushion the effects of shakes and falls
  • Make sure to use material that is moisture-proof and sturdy
  • Check labels and write proper address
  • Check regulation on certain packaging materials and labelling requirements of different countries

RU Air Freight Knows How to Handle International Deliveries

Mistakes are easy to make. Choosing the wrong transportation and logistics company, failing to get your shipment insured, improper packaging, or not understanding customs regulations can all result in heavy losses for your business. RU Air Freight understands the different challenges that come with international shipping, and we are committed to delivering goods safely, quickly and on time.