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International Air Freight Company— Common Reasons for Shipment Delays

When your cargo is late, it can be extremely annoying. The predicted transit time should be as accurate and reliable as possible so that all parties involved are aware of when to anticipate arrival and when to schedule a pickup. But, even when partnering with the best international air freight company, things can go wrong, and shipping delays might arise.

Clients might force you for a timeline, and you may be made responsible for the delays. Even in many cases, they may come damaged, broken, or with the wrong stuff.

Common Reasons for Shipment Delay

To assist you, we’ve put together a list of some frequent reasons why your cargo might be late.

Issues at Customs

As a freight carrier dealing with foreign shipments, it’s critical that the relevant documentation is ready and filled out to avoid any difficulties. Delays are highly probable if appropriate paperwork is not provided. The required documentation, for example, could be misplaced or erroneously presented.

Furthermore, if officials decide to investigate your goods, the situation might swiftly escalate into more serious complications.

Businesses should have a fallback option in place just in case that shipments are delayed at customs. This could include forming a collaboration with a reputable international air freight forwarder to ensure that documents are delivered safely and accurately.

Schedules and Traffic

In most cities, traffic persists. Major construction projects, catastrophes, diversions, and roadblocks, are a few common normal for people to face traffic issues in their shipments. Courier operators can employ route planning technology to help with this.

Route planning software can discover the quickest way and update it in real time to prevent delays and cancellations.

Peak seasons, such as pre-Christmas or the summer seasons, must also be taken into account. If there are a lot of shipments, delivery times may take longer.

Strikes in some countries may also impact shipping times. It’s also important to keep in mind that the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted shipments and delivery. With fewer personnel or equipment, companies have less productivity.

Lack of Clarity

A lack of information, such as messy handwriting, is a small but frequent cause of delivery delays. Accidents and mistakes are common in the delivery profession while using paper and pen.

Delays might also be caused by shipping labels. If the labels are of terrible quality, couriers may have trouble with reading or scanning them, and packages may go missing.

For providers of international air transport services, the usage of logistics management solutions can make missing items a thing of the past. After all, relying on humans for shipping will always result in inconsistency.

If your company’s address has been recently updated but you’ve not collected any shipment, make sure to inform any freight forwarder.

Outdated Technology

For delivery services, outdated technology systems, as well as old hardware, pose significant challenges. This is because older software restricts the ability to incorporate emerging technologies and inhibits access to capabilities that can significantly lower shipping delays.

Investing in the newest technology and cloud-based software to better control and track your shipments is a good option for businesses. This allows couriers, shippers, logistics, and freight forwarders to stay in touch and use real-time data, resulting in a more systematic perspective for the global supply chain.

Lack of Equipment

Following on from the last point, a big concern that shippers frequently ignore is a shortage of equipment. Shifting freight from a warehouse might be difficult, and it is absolutely not simple. This is particularly the case if multimodal transit is required, such as via roads and railways.

There are also times when cargo containers might be unavailable. It’s possible that they’re in poor supply, or that they’re only available in certain parts of town. Situations like this can, of course, cause shipment delays.

Summing Up—

Unexpected delays cannot be avoided. However, hiring the right international air freight company can make you assured that your shipment is in the safest hands. With years of experience and experience, an international air freight forwarder can help you ship your freight, and reach the destination on time and safely.