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International Freight Forwarding Agency: Helping with Import and Exports of Goods

Merchants across the world offer a vast range of goods that could befit your business. Entering into the global market, or introducing your products globally with the assistance of a professional Beijing International freight forwarding agency has many benefits including you may find lower-priced supplies, offering you a competitive edge, or new provisions that enable you to sell a completely unique product.

In today’s time, running a business profitably, especially e-commerce store, is hardly possible without importing goods from China. The reason is the low-price supplies offered by the China manufacturers which gives higher profit margins. China is quickly becoming a manufacturing superpower, producing a large number of the world’s user’s products. Importing from China has turned out to be a successful approach to global sourcing for several businesses, offering a brilliant opportunity to you as a buyer and reseller.

However, importing and exporting is not child’s play, especially for the newbies. This procedure can be extremely complicated, puzzling, and pricey. Rising or changing delivery costs, long transit times, unexpected delays or regulatory fees can lower the expected profits significantly.

Here are some ways to help you with the import and export process—

Look for the Reliable Suppliers

You have decided what you want to sell, you have a clear picture of how the quality of the items should be, all you need is someone to manufacture them. Ensure to choose the supplier who can meet your requirements in terms of quality, quantity and outcomes.

Plan Transport Well in Advance— Time is Money!

When importing/exporting from China, you should hire an international logistic company who is well-familiar with the different modes of transports, and can help you choose the one which best suits your good types, requirement, time constraint and benefits you. They will help you choose the fastest and most economical transport option for you. They will look after all the processes, documentation and formalities on your behalf to ensure your goods reach their destination on time, safely and quickly.

Check out Country’s Rules and Regulations

When importing or exporting, there are certain regulations to follow. Every country has its own regulations and law for different goods types. Complying with regulations is vital to clear customs which is actually a very challenging and complicated task. That’s why it is better to hire a reliable Beijing international freight forwarding agency as they are experienced with the customs clearance process.

Understand the Overall Cost

When importing/exporting goods overseas, import duties are imposed on the value of the freight as well as the insurance fees, packaging costs and transport costs to the destination place. The duty cost varies on the categorization of your goods. To get an idea about your profit on selling your goods needs a good calculation of all the prices involved during the process.

Know the Customs Clearance Procedure

When trading internationally, customs formalities cannot be overlooked. It is advisable to hire a professional international logistics company or freight forwarding agency to make sure your goods don’t get stuck in the customs clearance process. With professional customs clearance services, you can be certain that all the important paperwork required including shipping, logistics, warehousing and distribution are handled by a team of professionals. They will also help you to avoid deferrals, fines, stock relocation and penalties.

Get Aware of Important Documentations

For the import and export of goods, a lot of documentation and paperwork are needed. Bill of lading, commercial invoice, a packing list, etc. are some documents required.

RU Air Freight specializes in importing and exporting goods and look after both the logistics and all related official procedure. Whether you are new or already into the import and export business, and looking for someone to direct you through the import and export needs properly, RU Air Freight is the right company to partner with.