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International Import and Export Transportation: Different Modes of Transport

In today’s world of competitive business, the company with the efficiency to transport freight in the most time and cost-efficient manner sways superlative in their industry. Logistics is an extremely varied and intricate industry. When it comes to international import and export transportation, there are different modes of transportation and means of shipping goods.

If you are new to international shipping, it becomes challenging for a company to choose the right mode of transportation. Understanding the differences and advantages of each transportation method can help you choose the best option for you. The weight and size of the goods, costs, the value of the goods to be shipped and the urgency of the shipment must be considered when deciding the mode of transport.

Choosing professional import and export transportation services are experts in understanding the requirements of their customers, and help choose the right mode of transport—

Air Freight

The growing demand for faster shipping has grown the trend towards logistics companies profit from the services of airplanes. It is considered to be the fastest and safest mode of transport making delivery of freight very quick. Air freight is well-known for its high levels of security and reliability. Due to shorter waiting time, and less handling time, bulk orders of supplies can be done as per customer’s demand.

Air freight is suitable for perishable and time-sensitive goods such as flowers, food, and some medications, and also the possibility of theft, missing, or damage is much lower.


  • Enhanced safety for your freight
  • Less handling of goods
  • Less documentation
  • Fastest mode of transport
  • Reliable arrival and departure

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is one of the most convenient and economical modes when it comes to international import and export transportation. It has no restrictions on size or weight, and heavy goods aren’t an issue for this transport mode. Ocean freight is usually used for goods such as wheat, coal, minerals, iron ore with the capability to travel long-distances safely without damaging the shipments. Their hefty capacity and lesser fuel consumption make cargo ships more economic and environmentally-friendly modes of transport.


  • Best for larger quantities
  • Perfect mode of transport for goods which has no time constraint
  • Most environmentally-friendly mode of transport
  • Very economical because of its loading capacity


Suitable for domestic delivery, road transport is a cost-effective solution that has the flexibility to be forwarded as needed. Cargo trucks can easily go on short or long trips, and can quickly pick up and deliver goods to their particular destination.


  • Economical
  • Flexible service
  • Quick and on-time delivery
  • Short-haul, long-haul, local or cross-border deliveries
  • Save packaging costs


Nowadays, rail transport has become a vital part of the freight mix, and is used more exclusively for the heaviest and largest payloads which require long-distance travel. If you are looking for a reliable company for China to Ekaterinburg railway transport, you can rely on RU Air Freight. The huge majority of railway infrastructure connects highly populated areas making rail transport suitable for long-distance and cross-country haulages with minimal damage. Efficient and reliable, trains have space up to 400 times that of a truck cargo and have a name for safety and security.


  • Strong safety record
  • Steadfast timetables and running times
  • Most efficient form of land transport
  • Economical and fast deliveries over long distances.

Wrapping up: Which Mode of Transport is the Best?

There are several ways to transport goods nationally as well as internationally. Every transport mode has its own benefits and demerits. Understanding your shipment, prioritizing your requirements, and comparing costs is crucial for planning your shipment rightly and picking the best modes of transport.

RU Air Freight specializes in international import and export transportation services to help businesses ship their goods overseas, and grow their business by expanding their reach.