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International Ocean Freight Services— Importance of Good Packaging

Thousands of consignments are shipped every day over the world. From industrial and pharmaceutical equipment to bulk commodities and personal items are shipped using international ocean freight services.

Whether you’re a first-time exporter or planning to shift your household items to a different place, you’ll want to ensure your cargo reaches its destination safely.

That includes having appropriate packaging to avoid damages while also taking into consideration external elements like the conditions your shipment may be susceptible to and the level of handling required.

International Cargo Transportation— Expert Tips for Proper Packaging

Here are some expert recommendations to help you recognize the importance of proper packaging and how to prevent avoidable damages—

Importance of proper packaging

Some people strive to save expense on packaging without taking the general overview into consideration. It’s necessary to consider what type of item you’re transporting, as well as its transportation, while planning your packaging.

There are limited handling locations and very little pickup and drop off when shipping FCL, for instance. When shipping national LTL, however, many individuals will be overseeing the freight. This must be taken into account, as well as the number of times the freight will be transferred from the vehicle.

Importance of proper padding and labelling

They are extremely crucial. When loading or unloading, personnel at the port, airport, or transporters and providers of international ocean freight services have no idea what commodities they are dealing with.

If your freight needs to be handled with care, include signs like ‘this way up’, ‘fragile,’ ‘handle with care,’ and don’t double stack,’ to make them aware the product inside needs to be handled very carefully.

For improved visibility, it’s also critical to have those on both sides of the carton or pallet.

Damaged shipment because of improper packaging

The international cargo transportation business involves a large lot of loading and unloading. Cargo is continually displaced, crushed, and shaken around during transit due to external factors. Also, consider the fact that it is subjected to fluctuations in temperature and moisture.

It’s not uncommon for us to find packaging errors that lead to claims being filed. Transportation and insurance companies, in our opinion, frequently reject such claims, alleging insufficient packaging as a reason.

Unfortunately, that is the truth. As a result, implement adequate packaging to limit the probability of getting to submit a claim


Many people are unwilling to spend that much money when delivering goods, for instance. So, they just go to the local store and buy boxes and tape and do their own packaging, expecting their goods to arrive in perfect condition.

But as expected, on arriving at the destination, the chances of goods being intact and undamaged is very low. That’s why it is important to pack the cargo correctly to avoid numerous avoidable problems.

Common packaging mistakes

Parts of the shipment drooping or damaged boxes are two of the most prevalent faults. When hoisted by a forklift, these can force the boxes to tumble and be damaged.

Some people also pile too much load within the same pallet or load pallets with bulky items. Freight that is just too big, large, or bulky is difficult to manage, and two forklifts may be necessary in some cases, raising the chances of breakage.

Another typical blunder is double-stacking goods that aren’t supposed to be double-stacked, or loading boxes onto pallets without plastic wrap or other required security.

What Next?

Packaging is not merely about protecting the good. One should also consider and think smartly to ensure cargo arrives safely at the destination.

Hiring a reputed international cargo transportation company can give you the much-needed peace of mind that your goods are in safe hands!