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International Transportation Company Helping Choose the Right Mode of Transport

Most people are unacquainted with the advantages of hiring a professional international transportation company. On entering into global logistics, the real economic value gets exposed. If your company is into global trading, you should be aware of the economic importance of international logistics. RU Air Freight is an international logistics and transportation company offering top-notch services to benefit your business significantly.

Shipping goods is one of the most vital aspects of international trade, it is only the channel to an end. An international logistics company makes sure your shipments reach their destined location in another country safely and intact.

When it comes to choosing the best mode of transport to get your freights delivered to the final destination, there are a number of factors to consider. Choosing the right international transportation company and the right transportation mode can help you in many ways.

We have compiled a list of few factors to consider which can help you choose the right mode of transport for your shipment—

Types of Goods

The most important factor to consider when looking for the best transport mode for your international shipping is the type of item you are importing or exporting. The size and weight of the shipped goods play a crucial role in deciding the mode of transport. Air and road transport are usually best suitable for small and lightweight items, while rail and ocean transport cater to heavy shipments. Also, how expensive, fragile or hazardous the good is plays a vital role in deciding the transport mode.

Safety Concerns

Safety and security of goods in transit also affect choosing the mode of transport. Choosing the professional international logistic company is important to ensure the safety of your shipment, because they will do their best to deliver your shipment safely, quickly, timely and most importantly— intact. When certain factors are considered such as moisture risk, damage risk, etc. ocean freight appears to be the riskiest mode of transport. But following certain precautions and guidance related to packaging, your shipment can stay safe in ocean freight shipping too, but with some additional costs. The safest mode of shipping is considered to be air transport.

Shipment Cost

One of the crucial factors to keep in mind when deciding on the most suitable transport mode for your shipment is the budget, and overall cost involved to safely deliver the shipment to its destination place. The type, weight and size of the goods impact the shipping cost.

  • Heavier items within the country but long-distance: Rail transport
  • Heavier items with no time constraint: Ocean transport
  • Fragile, expensive items: Air

It is better to hire a professional, reliable international transportation company as they are experienced and can suggest choosing the best mode of transport for international shipping. They will also guide with the additional costs that will add up as the overall cost of transportation.


How quickly you want your freight to be delivered is another vital factor that cannot be ignored. The mode chosen to ship your goods will significantly impact your end-customer. Faster the shipping service, earlier the shipment reaches your customer. Ocean freight is the slowest mode of transport, whereas air freight is the quickest.

Remember, customers, choose the companies depending on several factors such as overall customer service, shipping experience, etc. Having the best product or offering the lowest price won’t guarantee you a sale. Faster delivery is a game-changer that can help significantly enhance the overall growth of your business by delivering customer satisfaction.

Final Words:

Each mode of transportation— air, ocean, road and rail has its benefits and demerits. Considering the above-mentioned factors can help you choose the best mode of transport for your shipment and benefit your business in the long-run.