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Novice’s Guide to International Freight Transportation

Growing your customer base is a key, and most important step to expand your business. Most companies start selling locally, but as their products and services sell well, going global is just a matter of time. International shipping has many benefits, and somewhere international freight transportation has made it possible. It lets you gain thousands of potential customers, expand the range of your product and services, and significantly broaden the potential of your company.

What is International Shipping?

International shipping is a procedure to import and export goods between different countries through different modes of transports, such as the ocean, air, rail or over the road. Growing your business globally is beneficial, but the international shipping process is very complicated because of various rules and policies in different countries. To successfully import or export freight internationally, a professional international freight transportation company can help you by adhering to import and export laws, and complete paperwork on behalf of you to make your freight pass the customs clearance process without any hassle and obstructions.

How to Ship Freight Globally?

For novices, arranging international shipping can be complex and daunting. That’s why most businesses rely on international cargo transportation companies to ship their freight safely and successfully. International freight transportation is very complicated because every country has its own laws and regulations. In some countries the policies are stricter than others, and completely prohibit trading in certain list of products. That’s why it’s crucial to carefully understand the regulations, or use professional international freight services.

Few Considerations for Successful International Shipping

Modern-day customers are now habituated to quick and efficient international shipping services. Companies that are engaged in importing and exporting should focus on efficient shipping processes to stay ahead of the competition. To gain maximum customer satisfaction, and avoid preventable delays and fines, save costs and prevent the loss, there are few considerations to keep in mind.

Consider Dimensions and Weight of Freight

Shipping costs are calculated depending on the weight or dimensions of your cargo. To lower the shipping costs, it is important to pack wisely for optimizing the weight and volume. Choose light-weight packaging materials with supreme protection. Air freight costs are quite more weight sensitive than international ocean freight services.

Make Freight Packaging Moisture-Proof

When you choose international ocean freight services, you should consider using packages and packing filler made of moisture-resistant material to safeguard your freight against excess moisture. Packaging material should be durable enough to prevent damage from rough handling.

Properly Pack and Label Your Freights

Inadequately packaged goods are more susceptible to damage. International freight services engage frequently in moving cargo, which means your package may fall over or bump into other cargo. If you are shipping fragile goods, make sure your packaging is as shock absorbent as possible to trim down the chances of potential damage. Follow specific guidelines for packing dangerous or fragile goods. Also, improper or incomplete labelling on freight can result in additional charges, delays, or even damaged goods. Make sure to label the freight and mention the addresses properly.

Insure Your Freight Appropriately

Cargo insurance is compulsory for the majority of international shipping. But there may be particular points in your policy that can cost you and may void your policy, for instance— improper categorization, labelling, packaging, etc. So, make sure to look at the small print of your insurance policy and get your hands on adequate cover.

Understand the Basics of International Freight

From shipping charges to freight rates and from customs clearance to supply chain management, international shipping is very complicated and taxing. Hiring a professional international cargo transportation company can ease your international shipping.

Choose the Right International Freight Services and Avoid Big Costs!

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