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Ocean Freight: Best Mode of International Cargo Transportation

Using ocean freight forwarders is among the most efficient methods of importing and exporting your products. Hiring a professional company offering international cargo transportation services to handle your shipping logistics can help you comprehend all of your possibilities, including delivering exceptional container solutions, estimating prices, identifying additional charges, aiding you with efficient packaging needs, and avoiding delays.

Ocean Freight: What is It?

Ocean freight is a means of shipping huge quantities of commodities by ship. Containers are filled with goods, which are then transported using a ship. Ocean freight is a cost-effective approach to transport large volumes across long distances because a standard cargo ship can hold about 18,000 containers.

International ocean freight services can be conveyed in a variety of different methods—

FCL stands for full container load, which means you buy one or maybe more full containers to ship.

LCL stands for less than container load, and it refers to when your goods share a container since you might not need the entire container. When they arrive at their destination, the items in the container are separated again.

RORO stands for roll on, roll off, and refers to the fact that your goods do not leave the vehicle they are in to board a cargo ship. The vehicle simply goes onto the ship and off the opposite side.

Dry bulk shipping is utilized for particular items that are put in the ship’s dock rather than being shipped in a container.

Ocean Freight: Its Advantages

  • One of the most cost-effective shipping modes
  • Economical when shipping long distances
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  • Convenient and easier to move large or heavy products
  • Most carbon-efficient solution

Ocean Freight: Its Disadvantages

  • One of the most significant disadvantages of sea freight is that it is the slowest method of transporting goods.
  • For lower quantities of items, the price is excessive.
  • Sea freight is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than other modes of cargo delivery, but only if you’re shipping large volumes or to a remote location. However, depending on the goods, delivery services and air cargo may be great ways even with the possibility of LCL.

Why Should I Ship My Goods Using International Ocean Freight Services?

It might be difficult to explore overseas markets while maintaining transportation costs low, no matter what industry you’re in. If you’re not having a short timeline, ocean freight can be an excellent option to save money while still transporting safely. Ocean freight provides you with the advantages of global capacity and predictable shipping times, and the great thing is that it is considerably less expensive than air freight for international goods.

Choosing Ocean Freight for Your International Cargo Transportation

RU Air Freight is capable to deal with all sizes and types of

shipment, whether you require a less-than-container load, a full container load, or an oversized load shipped. We can schedule your shipment to be delivered from any major seaport. When regular, reliable freight is desired, or when a strict timeline is not required, ocean freight is the perfect option. We’ll help you with all of the paperwork needed for exports and imports, door-to-door or port shipment.

When is Ocean Freight Better Than Air Freight?

There are three aspects to consider when selecting a freight option for your consignment: speed, cost, and safety. When you need to export on a limited budget and don’t

care where it goes, sea freight is the perfect option. Ocean freight is less reliable than air cargo, but it is a great alternative if you have enough time to wait. When a shipment must arrive within a specific time window, air freight is the only option. In terms of speed and reliability, it is the overall leader.

At RU Air Freight, we can help you identify and choose the best way to ship your freight— suiting your budget and needs.