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What is International Air Cargo Shipping?

The shipping of commodities by a chartered or regular airline company is known as air freight logistics. Many businesses prefer air freight because it assures that their cargo could go to and land everywhere in the world where an aircraft can go. Air cargo has the advantage of being delivered quickly to its actual consumer, which may be useful if the package is time-sensitive. It lets smaller and medium-sized businesses engage in global trade as effectively as larger businesses. Furthermore, packages handled by international air cargo shipping companies are subjected to a higher level of accuracy than those delivered by other methods, making it one of the safest modes of transportation.

When it comes to arranging an air freight delivery, you have a few options:

  • Consolidated Freight – When multiple cargoes are transported on the same trip.
  • Back to back or direct services are when a single cargo is carried on a single trip.
  • When a complete freight plane is hired for a single air freight delivery, it is referred to as charter services.

These goods will be loaded into the cargo hold of a standard passenger airliner or into a special freight flight, which can transport massive volumes of cargo in a single journey.

How does International Air Cargo Shipping Work?

Air freight is usually arranged by a professional Freight Forwarding Agency. Shipping Companies work with a wide range of organisations to ship items on behalf of their clients either via sea, air, or road. Although some freight forwarders have their own warehouses and vehicles, they are not always the ones who oversee the transportation. Typically, they are the professionals who can manage the logistics and arrangements, ensuring a seamless procedure and giving consumers peace of mind that their shipments will arrive on time.

The following are the general stages for receiving air freight shipment of your goods:

Choose an air freight provider to transport your items with and negotiate a price.

The Freight Forwarder will schedule for your items to be picked up pre-packaged or for packing to be completed prior to transit.

The products will be transported to the airport and will be subjected to customs inspections at the place of origin.

The plane is loaded with cargo. If the aircraft is being delivered as part of a combined shipment, it will remain on the ground until the cargo is loaded, which could take several days.

When the package arrives at its final destination, it will be subjected to another Customs inspection and will not be permitted into the country until all taxes and duties have been cleared.

The consignment is shipped to you in accordance with the terms of your freight forwarding agreement.

The Benefits of International Air Transport Services

There are several benefits of shipping products by air. These include-


Air freight is efficient, especially if you’re using a direct service. Goods can arrive at their destination within days of being sent, whereas ocean freight can take a few weeks

Smaller Deliveries at a Good Price

Better Options

With air freight, freight forwarders can provide the importer with more options, such as consuls and direct routes.

Less Risk of Damage to Cargo

If the goods are securely packaged and handled, air freight is usually a better option for delivering fragile items than ocean freight because the risk of damage is very less.

Easily Traceable

Since planes can be tracked, cargo can be monitored more easily, giving businesses more peace of mind and reassurance.

Should I Hire International Air Transport Services ?

A freight forwarder assists businesses with the transportation of goods from one location to another. They employ the most cost-effective solutions in collaboration with a reputable shipping company to ensure that the journey proceeds smoothly at all times. They are the professionals who can lead on transportation and scheduling to facilitate a seamless operation and give businesses mental peace that their shipments will arrive on time.