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Why Choose RU Air Freight for Seed Export Transport?

Choosing a freight forwarding company, especially for seed export transport, is a crucial decision for your organization. Your company needs to rely on its freight forwarder to maintain and sustain its commitment to quality and service to its clients, while taking into account service level, versatility, and pricing.

You get so more than just a typical logistics company when you work with RU Air Freight. We understand that real success is defined by customer satisfaction, therefore we’ve taken the initiative to continue developing services that save our clients money and time. Being in the industry for so long, RU Air Freight can provide each of its customers with a customized solution for agency sunflower seed export. We listen, develop, and deliver consistent results for all of your requirements at RU Air Freight.

We know the importance of international air freight services and are committed to meeting the needs of our diversified customer base by delivering freight on time. We have good partner relations with many international providers, allowing us to offer our freight at very affordable rates and with excellent service. Our internal knowledge and contacts with all major airlines are unrivalled in the industry.

We have no restrictions on size, weight, or schedule, and can provide flexible choices to and from any area of the world. Whether you require domestic or international air cargo transport services, our expertise and strong partner ties enable us to provide customers with safe, flexible, reliable and cost-effective air freight shipping solutions.

RU Air Freight Benefits Clients in Many Ways

Our goal is to deliver exceptional prices to our customers without sacrificing service and operational efficiency. We focus on delivering the optimum freight forwarding services at the right price at the right time.

  • Delivering top-quality transportation and logistics services for seed export transport to all of our customers
  • Investing in our personnel to deliver better service and business expansion
  • Be concerned about the environment by industry requirements
  • Assuring workplace safety practices is the main priority.
  • Building infrastructure to provide quick, efficient, and cost-effective service
  • Meeting the industry’s highest requirements

5 Reasons to Choose Us

Collaborative Customer Relationships

Meeting and excelling the customer expectations is the benchmark by which RU Air Freight defines its success. It starts with building collaborative connections with our clients, listening to their requirements and understanding their dynamic requirements, and eventually delivering outstanding logistics services that generate great bottom-line results.

Save Money with an Optimized Network

RU Air Freight collaborates with you to design and identify the most effective ways to improve our network in order to reduce your additional transportation costs while improving service. We bring the power of overlapping networks by combining import and export customer freight flows, appeasing carriers by lowering empty miles, and helping you avoid seasonal freight rate jumps.

Proven Industry Expertise

Whether your goods are being transported across the country or across the world, the expert management team and dedicated staff of professionals at RU Air Freight know how to get it there as quickly as possible. Our company has years of logistics and supply chain experience in agency sunflower seed export, offering you the comfort and convenience that comes with working with a reliable partner.

Flexible Transportation Solutions

Today’s business environment necessitates transportation solutions that are both flexible and adaptable, and also efficient and cost-effective enough to meet the client’s demand. We combine the best possible asset-based and non-asset-based solutions in the freight forwarding sector at RU Air Freight.

Highly Competitive Price

When it comes to the list of reliable and experienced freight forwarders, RU Air Freight comes first. As a result, our prices are extremely competitive. Our flexibility to choose from a variety of shipping methods and multi-national forwarders gives us a competitive advantage. Our goal is to find the most efficient and economical mode(s) for your goods.

To Sum Up

With years of operation and handling experience and expertise, we at RU Air Freight combine extensive freight forwarding and customs clearing services with the latest in the industry. We follow strict customs compliance and quality policy for each of our operations— thus lowering delays and delivering reliable services to our customers globally.