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Why Should You Hire An Air Freight Forwarder?

We are all familiar with the fact that there are several options for transporting cargo over international borders, including air freight, ocean freight, and various combinations thereof. This article is all about why and how an air freight forwarder is the right choice for transporting goods.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Air Freight Services

When making plans for an international air shipment, there are a number of things to think about.

To help you better comprehend this, we’ve listed some key elements below.


Shipping via air is the best alternative when prompt delivery is crucial. When compared to ocean freight, sending via aeroplane takes far less time. In addition, the likelihood of a holdup in air cargo is astronomically low.

Unlike ocean freight, where delays can last for days, air shipments typically only have delays of a few hours. In challenging times, especially ones like the global pandemic, the basic necessity for all of us is an improvement in the safety of your goods, which is improved by a rapid shipping process.

Cargo Size:

Since airfreight takes up much less space than ocean freight, the dimensions of your shipment will have a significant impact on which shipping option you select. Ocean freight is the most economical option for shipping a large cargo.

Costs associated with air transport account for both volume and weight. This causes costs to rise and may need to be curtailed if finances are tight. The buyer benefits from air shipping because of the speed with which smaller items arrive at their destination.


Building trust is important in any industry, but it is especially important in professional obligations where on-time delivery of quality service is essential. When we cut reliability down to its core components, airfreight comes out on top. It’s recommended to use airfreight if you need your packages delivered quickly.

If a small delay in delivery of your cargo won’t make a big difference to your plans, choosing ocean freight can save you money.

Knowing your business or personal needs is crucial when deciding between air and ocean freight.

The Advantages of Hiring an Air Freight Forwarder

Delivery Worldwide

It’s important to consider not only the water, but also the road, and rail systems, while planning a shipment. Shipping to smaller countries and more rural places can be difficult with any of these options due to their geographical restrictions. That’s why you need air shipping to save the day. Shipping to any location on the planet is a guaranteed service they provide.

Quickest Mode Of Shipping

When compared to alternative delivery methods, shipping by air is both more convenient and faster. Due to its speed and lack of need for refuelling stops, air freight is the optimal choice for time-sensitive deliveries. Depending on the regulations in each country, air freight can take anywhere from four to five business days to deliver.

Cost Control

We automatically assume that flying cargo is quite expensive. Of course, the packaging requirements for air freight couldn’t be lower. Since it does not take long for items in transit to be cleared with air shipping, there is no need to hire a warehouse or insure products with hefty premiums. When compared to other transportation methods, air shipping saves money on materials, storage space, and insurance.

Track your Shipment

With a flight number, you can easily keep tabs on your air cargo. We can keep an eye on your shipment from the moment it takes off until it touches down. When you partner with RU Air Freight, a reliable freight forwarding agency, you’ll know exactly where your air cargo is in the delivery process at all times.

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