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Why You Need International Air Transport Services?

Freight Forwarding is a very crucial part of our global economy. Importing and exporting goods play an important role in the success of many businesses, but at the same time international shipping can be very complicated and challenging.

A Freight Forwarding company shoulder different roles within the logistics industry. They act as a cargo shipping company, a customs clearance agency, a distribution manager, a supply chain manager and an import and export partner to name a few roles. A company offering international air transport services helps to ensure your goods are shipped from one place to another, carrying out all the arrangements and handling documentations along the way on your behalf.

How Do International Air Transport Services Help?

A freight forwarder or a company offering international air cargo shipping services looks after all the formalities and paperwork on behalf of companies, importers or exporters to arrange cost-effective, safe and efficient shipping of goods. We, at RU Air Freight, offer a vast range of services including, warehousing, preparation of shipping and export documents, tracking shipments, negotiating freight costs, booking cargo space, goods insurance, customs clearance, freight consolidation, and filing of insurance claims.

An international freight transportation company makes shipping more reliable, more reliable and simpler. They have well-established associations with different shipping companies, and are well-acquainted with the essential documentation and customs laws of different countries.

International air transport services work with several transportation services whether it be ocean, air, railway or road shipping. They help you ship your goods using the right transport mode that will fit your requirements, and is best for your goods. If you are looking for China to Ekaterinburg AIR Freight services, you can rely on RU Air Freight.

With international freight forwarding companies, you can be assured to transport goods for specialty industries that demand special arrangements and handling. Whether it is shipping bulky equipment for the aerospace, farming or construction industries or supplies that demand special handling for the medical or pharmaceutical industries, RU Air Freight knows how to do it efficiently and safely.

Why Hire an International Air Cargo Shipping Service?

As with any shipping mode, consistency and reliability are key elements, and air shipping is one of the most reliable and quickest transportation modes available. Here are a few ways how an international air cargo shipping company can assist your transportation needs—


Definitely, air freight is the quickest way of transporting cargo, especially if it needs long-distance travel. In ocean and road, any unexpected delay during transportation can affect the overall supply chain and logistics operations. Whereas, this is not the case with air cargo shipping.


Unlike other shipping methods, air shipping takes quite less time, and thus trims down the cost of insurance. With reduced insurance costs, companies get the flexibility to offer much lucrative deals to their customers. Although air cargo shipping can cost you a bit more, but the money saved on the insurance part can cut some of the costs related to air shipping.

Safe Packaging

Without a doubt, air shipping is an extremely secure method of goods transportation, even fragile goods are on the safer side while shipping via air. Unlike other transportation modes, goods shipping through air needs less packaging which eventually lowers the weight of the goods.

RU Air Freight— Your Key to Successful Air Shipping

Whether you are a small or big business owner, a portion of your forwarding planning will entail extension and growth. The growth might be local, national, or even global, but having a professional transportation service as your partner will reassure and reinforce that growth by cutting down your overall costs and ensuring quick and timely delivery of goods.

RU Air Freight is a professional and expert provider of international air transport services delivering top-notch services at a very competitive price. We work with many global partners, establishing international relationships that help us in delivering the best shipping, customs clearance, and import/export services.