International Air Freight Services

RU Air Freight offers affordable and convenient International air freight services. Also, we offer freight rates and dependable and flexible cargo transit times for exceptional supply chain management.

Customers can move seasonal wear, electronics, machinery, perishable foods, and beverages to global destinations without worrying about potential losses or overhead freight costs.

However, it is important to consider the permissible weight, the security of the shipment, the nature of the cargo, and the distance of the delivery when evaluating international air freight costs.

Invest With Certified and Reputable International Air Freight Forwarder

Get outstanding offers and deals on international air freight forwarder rates to different countries, even remote and far-away places, on RU Air Freight through certified and reputable transport and logistics dealers. Deliveries are made at a fast and efficient pace by the planes.

Heavy-duty machinery is commonly transported by supercargo planes and standard cargo planes. Using these affordable air freight rates, prospective buyers have access to planes with a volume of 150-283 cubic meters.

Find The Best air freight shipping company For All Your Transportation Needs

Some reliable logistics and international air freight shipping companies can work as agents for affordable fees and air freight rates.

Our air freight transport services, allowing us to transport goods of all sizes to destinations worldwide, from small packages to super-heavy equipment.

Users find that contracting on this air freight transport services site is straightforward and inexpensive, as it is also based on market supply and demand forces.

Why Us?

  • Perfect delivery of finished products and supplies is essential for safety.
  • Multi-channel transportation across the country, seamlessly.
  • Whether your cargo is small or large, we provide dedicated 24/7/365 customer service and detailed freight tracking information.
  • Simple, straightforward instructions with easy-to-understand terms and conditions for shipping via phone or online
  • With our extensive suite of International Air Transport Services, you can ship your freight without breaking the bank.

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Air Freight Services Boasting Top-Quality Operations And A Global Network

Taking advantage of our extensive international network, we offer a wide range of consolidated air shipping services- including pick-up, customs clearance, delivery, and distribution operations.

As a trusted global consolidation service and a world-class door-to-door air shipping company, we help our clients reduce lead times and guarantee security and reliability.

We are committed to providing our customers with new international air cargo shipping solutions to transportation challenges by moving towards next-generation logistics focused on aircraft-based high-speed transport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the reason for the high cost of air freight?

You will be charged for handling and transporting your load (determined by the dimensions and route selected) and fuel and maintenance costs.

For example, international air cargo shipping rates are higher than road freight rates. However, despite its higher cost, it is still the most recommended method of transporting high-value goods, urgent cargo, or documents.

2. How does transport most products by air freight?

The majority of air freight shipments are high-value and time-critical. Due to the speed of air freight, many businesses transport medical equipment and expensive goods by air freight. Documents can also be sent abroad using this service.

3. Can I ship by air with insurance?

Transport insurance is included in the price of all shipments organized on our platform. You can also purchase additional insurance coverage for extra protection of your cargo when booking international air cargo shipping for larger loads.

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