Customs Clearance Company

We have a dedicated team of customs clearing agents who work 24*7 to ensure that our clients face no custom related issues and their goods are delivered safely. With X years of experience, we have gained exposure to the most qualified international agents network who have handled all forms of custom specific issues at various international ports.

So worry not, just book your shipment with us, and we, the reliable customs clearance company in Beijing, will serve you the best solutions across all the global cargo destinations.

Why Choose Us?

With RU Air Freight, you get a dedicated team of customs clearing agents working by your side who aim to:

  • Get customs clearance of any import cargo in 2-4 working days.
  • Offer assistance for all documentation and pre-filling procedures.
  • Acquire major government department approvals.
  • Handling paperwork as per the specific import procedures.
  • Help with tax reduction and removal suggestions after considering the types of goods.
  • Structure the freight considering all legal obligations.
  • Coordinate various processes to ensure shipment reaches on time to the site.

Get all your customs clearance done with our experienced Beijing customs clearance company