International Ocean Freight Services

We make it easy for you to ship your business stock hassle-free and worry-free, so you know it is in safe hands. You can find various International Ocean Freight Services on RU Air Freight today.

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We offer international cargo services, including equipment types and consolidations, ensuring your cargo arrive at the right place at the right time.

We provide reliability by working with a wide range of International Cargo Transportation carriers who cover major carrier alliances with planned space protection from all worlds’ major container ports.

Find The International Cargo Transportation Shipment For Your Business

Organize bulk imports with a specialized International Cargo Transportation forwarder without binding contracts. Our expert professionals will support you every step and have already negotiated prices for you.

Transporting Cargo Internationally: When Affordability Is Key

Take advantage of RU Air Freight’s preferred partner status with all top world’s ocean carriers to access affordable International Ocean Freight Services.

How Do Ocean Freight Services Benefit You?

  • Long-distance cargo shipping at an affordable price
  • Hazardous goods can be transported with this container
  • Compared to air and road transport, this is the most carbon-efficient solution

Advantages Of International Cargo Services

  • The possibility of transporting a wide variety of cargo, with high availability of routes and vessels
  • Long distances and large quantities can be transported at low sea freight rates.
  • When fuel consumption is compared with weight transported per shipment, this mode of transport is the most carbon-efficient
  • The safest way to transport goods worldwide is by sea or ocean.
  • Transport of dangerous goods in a safe manner that is not possible with other shipping services
  • Transport by rail or road has lower maintenance costs.

Find Affordable Ocean Freight Rates with RU Air Freight

Shipping by sea has many options, from those that update you regularly on the location of your shipment to those that offer great rates for bulk ocean freight forwarding.

You can find ocean freight rates for your business arduous and time-consuming, not to mention expensive. You can find affordable ocean freight rates on RU Air Freight from wholesalers offering a wide range of sea freight rates.

Our Perks:

  • Let us handle your International Ocean Freight Services with ease. You can access more capacity and competitive rates through our major ocean shipping alliances.
  • Adapt to fluctuating market demand and stay agile. Count on our ocean freight experts to troubleshoot in real-time, across time zones.

Our global suite of services can help you reduce your need for multiple providers – from the ocean, air, and customs to International Cargo Transportation.

Find International Ocean Freight Services For Specific Countries

You can ship your goods internationally quickly with ocean shipping. The process is faster than other types of freight transport and more cost-effective. Ship products and goods in bulk at competitive sea freight rates.

For specific countries, you can find international ocean freight services. For your business, RU Air Freight offers many different types of ocean shipping and ocean forwarding services.

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Our ocean services are tailored to your business needs, even if you have a tight budget and a short deadline.

You can improve your strategy with the help of our experts, who analyze your freight characteristics in light of current market conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do you offer instant ocean freight quotes online for smaller items?

RU Air Freight’s booking tool allows you to get instant rates for international ocean freight shipping of parcels and envelopes by selecting Express or Envelope Services.

Your ocean freight delivery will take place within 24-72 hours with either of these services, and if available in your area, you may also benefit from the same-day collection.

2. What is the cost of ocean freight?

An airline’s ocean freight cost is determined by the cargo’s dimensions and weight, the route selected, and the urgency of the delivery.

We have a booking tool that will provide you with a quote for shipping packages up to 70kg, or you can contact our experts if you need a customized quote.

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