International Freight Agent

Resolve all your worries about goods transportation by choosing us as an international freight agent with 20 years of experience serving clients. We also have dedicated trade agents who offer services like:

  • Foreign exchange collection and verification
  • Export tax rebate services
  • Exporter inspection services

We offer freight agents depending on your requirements

  • Temporary import and export agents
  • Leasing freight agents
  • Airlines Freight Agent
  • Ocean freight Agent
  • General trade import and export agents

Just ask for your trade agent now!

Our agents offer insightful strategies to handle several goods

  • Niche industry products
  • Mechanical, electrical equipment
  • Food-related items
  • Medical equipment
  • Cosmetics products
  • Dangerous goods
  • Live animals
  • Apparels and other necessities items

Not only this, our agents will aid you with handling special cargoes such as:

  • HEA
  • HUM
  • Oversized cargo

Why Choose Us?

From preparing transportation and freight documents like CMR, Bill of Lading, Airway Bill, etc., to practicing all the essential goods and documents compliance, our freight agents will always stand next to you!

Further, we also hold expertise in handling customs negotiations so that you can efficiently deliver your consignments without putting pressure on your pockets.

Other value-adding services our ocean freight agents offer:

  • Use the latest technology to provide our clients with the real-time goods tracking option.
  • Offer legal advice related to international freight.
  • Inform and warn about political and social situations (strikes), environmental threats.
  • Act as an intermediary on your behalf to handle direct contractual relations.
  • Process hybrid arrangements.

Reach out to us and get the best freight agent for your next consignment shipment